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Office Refurbishment Company
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Windsor House, Cornwall Rd,, Harrogate, HG1 2PW, North Yorkshire.

Phone: 01423 860421

Office Partitioning York

Office Refurbishment Company have a wealth of experience in dismantling, supplying and installing a premium range of partitions at reasonable prices to suit almost any requirements. We have an in-house team of designers and fitters who can design and install your new office quickly and efficiently.

With our wide range of partitions, you can get the new look you want with the minimum of disruption to the running of your office.

Key advantages of our partitioning system:

  • Single or Double Glazed or Solid Partitions
  • Modular design for quick lead time and simple installation
  • Fire and Sound Proofing, with up to 60 minutes fire resistance where needed
  • Frameless partitions, with acoustic attenuation to 52 dB or 47 dB(Rw), according to model

With our system, you can change the appearance of your office radically in a very short time, choosing from full-depth glazed partitions, with or without manifestation films, through to solid partitions with various finishes.

For example, our full-depth glazed partitions, which can be either single or double glazed, give a light an airy atmosphere owing to the use of crystal-clear glazing gaskets, and minimal aluminium framing. They can have manifestation film, with a variety of patterns, applied to provide privacy.

The double-glazed version of this partitioning reduces noise, with acoustic performance up to 47 dB (Rw). As standard, frameless glass doors are provided, with floor pivots, but wooden faced doors can be provided.

Where greater sound attenuation and/or fire resistance are required, specify our special glazed partitions which have aluminium head channels, glazing and door frame sections. This system can give noise attenuation to 52 dB (Rw), and 60 minutes fire resistance.

Finally, we have our demountable and relocatable partitioning, which is extremely flexible, allowing it to provide partitions to many different shapes. It is based on aluminium head channels and uprights, and three different door frame profiles. Fire rating up to 30 minutes can be provided with this system, so long as flaxcore laminated panels and solid wood doors are specified.

The staff at Office Refurbishment Company are able to produce office layouts to suit your needs, using this variety of partitions. Please call 01423 860421 for further information, or to discuss your requirements with our experts.

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