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Leasing & Finance

More and more customers are switching on to the benefits of Leasing vs Cash. Leasing as a finance option offers a way for your business to finance a wide variety of assets and provides an attractive alternative to other methods of finance, such as cash or bank loans.

Modern leasing can be used to finance a wide range of assets, particularly within the Interiors Industry. Unlike cash and bank loans, leasing is fully flexible, both during and at the end of the agreement, allowing you to adapt more readily to the changing needs of your business.

The benefits of leasing include:

  • Tax benefits - Leasing attracts full tax relief unlike using cash or a bank loan
  • Flexibility - Payments can be spread and tailored to suit your cash flow
  • Fixed costs- Interest rates are fixed throughout your agreed term
  • Spreading VAT - You pay VAT on individual payments, rather than a lump sum up-front
  • Upgrade options - You can upgrade yours assets or add new assets at any time in your term
  • Credit Lines - Your existing credit lines and banking facilities remain unaffected by leasing
  • Turnkey Finance - Fund the whole project cost, not just the assets

Office Refurbishment Company are delighted to offer financial solutions through our independent partner, Bluestone Leasing. With over 16 years experience and recent winners of the prestigious Leasing World 2013 "Top Business Asset Broker of the Year" Award, Bluestone are the UK specialist in Interior Leasing. They will provide you with access to over 32 banks and dedicated funders, many unavailable to your business directly, and their expertise will ensure that you receive the best package available in the market.

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